*A new television series created by Shanalyna Palmer and Lucy A. Fazely* 
    WINNER! - American Filmatic Awards - Best Television Short Director
    WINNER! - Silhouette Awards - Best Film, Best Writer, Best Editor
    WINNER! - California Film Awards - Diamond Award - TV Competition
     WINNER! - Inspired Faith Film Festival - Best of the Fest - Middy
    WINNER! - Black Women Film Festival - Audience Participation Award
    WINNER! - Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival - 
    Best Overall Short, Best Director, Best Writer, Best Lead Actress, Best Editor

    We're promoting family, the individual and increasing foster care awareness with a show that educates, inspires & entertains.
  • Spirit of Life Films

    Miss Winn’s Garden is a dramatic short film that explores real life problems and situations faced by foster parents and foster children. After personal tragedy strikes, Miss Winn opens her heart to children in need of a place to call home. She becomes foster parent to five young males and uses both patience and love to teach them how to accept their situations.

    Miss Winn encourages her wards to have faith in humanity despite the cards they’ve been dealt in life. One of her most useful tools is to have each youngster care for a plant whose state mirrors the state of their own lives. As the boys tend their plants, they learn to accept that all living things (including themselves) need love and nurturing to grow and thrive.

    Children become wards of the state through no fault of their own, but many believe that somehow they are to blame. Miss Winn's Garden tells a slightly different story.  

    WINNER - Best Director

    Category - Television Short

    WINNER - Best of the Fest 

    Category - Middy Films (short 30-60 mins)

    WINNER - Best Overall Short
    WINNER - Best Lead Actress
    WINNER - Best Director
    WINNER - Best Writer
    WINNER - Best Editor


    Winner - Audience Participation Award


    WINNER - Diamond Award

    Category - Television Production Competition

    Honorable Mention



    Quarterly Online Short Film Festival - 2nd Edition

    Winner - Best Film
    Winner - Best Writer
    Winner - Best Editor
    Nominee - Best Lead Actress

    Ixtapa, Mexico
    Opportunity Collaboration brings together nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and social investors to move together towards poverty alleviation. With Kip's help, Opportunity Collaboration's Facebook reach grew by up to 700 percent.

    Opportunity Collaboration

    Mission: Social Change Leaders + Conversations + Beaches
    Ixtapa, Mexico
    Opportunity Collaboration brings together nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and social investors to move together towards poverty alleviation. With Kip's help, Opportunity Collaboration's Facebook reach grew by up to 700 percent.

    Film Festivals, Film Markets and More...

    "Wonderful direction and good writing. The themes presented and the metaphor of thefilm are very appealing. It is a crowd pleaser

    and a well told story. There's a wonderful lead performance... It tells a nice story in which we connect to the characters.

    Very suitable for a teen audience. Recommended for ages 15 to 18."

                                    Reviewed by Willie J., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

    September 21 - 24, 2017

    Screening: Friday, September 22nd @ 10:30AM
    Screening Location:

    Defoor Centre

    1710 Defoor Ave, NW

    Atlanta, GA 30318

    May 18 - 21, 2017

    Screening: Friday, May 19th @ 8:15P
    Screening Location:
    Redeemed Christian Fellowship​ Church

    881 Jamerson Rd.

    Marietta, GA 30066


    Official Selection. Screening dates to be announced.

    August 31 - September 4, 2016

    Screening: Saturday, September 3rd @ 10AM
    Screening Location: 
    The Cinemark at the Pike Theater
    99 S Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

    August 25 - August 28, 2016

    Screening: Thursday, August 25th @ 10AM
    Screening Location:
    Marriott Marquis
    265 Peachtree Center Avenue, NE
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    August 12 - August 13, 2016

    Screening: Friday, August 12th @1:00PM 
    Screening Location:
    The Carr Center
    311 E. Grand River, Detroit, MI 48226

    June 23, 2016

    New Project Pitch Expo. 10A - 6P
    Expo Location: 
    Nissan Stadium - Booth #11
    1 Titans Way, Nashville, TN 37213

    The Palm Springs International ShortFest, Short Film Festival & Film Market

    June 21 - June 27, 2016

    Participated in the Film Market portion of the festival only.
    Film Market Location:
    2300 E. Baristo Road
    Palm Springs, CA, 92262

  • CAST

    We're promoting family, the individual and increasing foster care awareness...


    Role: MISS WINN

    Brenda Porter has a degree in Drama from the University of Georgia and began her career as an actor over twenty-five years ago. Her stage credits include The Story, Wit, for colored girls..., The Art of Dining, So Long on Lonely Street, El Hajj Malik, Home, The Miracle Worker, among others. She has appeared in television and directed staged productions as well over the years, and she currently co-facilitates The Practice, along with Jen Harper and Donna Biscoe. Brenda is teaching theatre this spring at KIPP South Fulton Academy. She presently serves as a Suzi Awards Board Member and is the Artistic Director of Impact Theater Atlanta.


    Role: MRS. RATHS

    Barbara Hawkins has given voice to video game characters and thousands of industrial and corporate applications from ELearning to phone switches. She has produced and directed voice-over projects in more than 35 languages.  She has received critical acclaim for her roles as both actress and director for theatrical productions in New York, Atlanta, Ohio and Michigan.  She holds a BA in Performing Arts from Otterbein College.


    Role: RYAN

    Daniel is a 7th grader currently attending an online school. He has a great imagination which adds to his creative and humorous side. He has acted in various community theatre since 4 yrs old. He has also been an extra in several movies including Tyler Perry's Single Mom's Club, Anchorman 2, and the upcoming sci-fi 5th Wave. When he isn't acting Danny enjoys playing soccer, watching tv, and Minecraft. He has older sister who aspires to be a director and his dad was the Creative Director for Cartoon Network Latin America for 15 yrs


    Role: JEREMY

    Nick Heeter is an Atlanta teen actor.  He studied theater four years in high school and won best supporting dramatic actor.  He can be seen in the upcoming feature films "Buried Cain," "Creature Feature," and a commercial for the Boys and Girls Club.  Nick is also studying TV and Film Production at Chattahoochee Tech.


    Role: BRAD

    Mikkel Palmer recently moved from Tacoma, Washington to the metro Atlanta area. He'll be entering the 4th grade in the fall. He enjoys anything that deals with robots, playing Minecraft and soccer, drawing dragons and reading. He's excited about playing Brad and loves being apart of Miss Winn's Garden.


    Role: CARLOS

    Tyreke has been acting and singing in Talent Shows, Festivals, Fairs, Night Clubs, Malls since the age of 4. He has wowed audiences young and old  with his soprano/alto voice. In addition to being a  singer, Tyreke is also an actor (represented by East Coast Talent Agency),a song writer, and a dancer. And he's picked up an interest in Guitar.
    Since his success in entertainment, Tyreke has clutched the interest of Capitol Records, a MTV reality show and has been twice nominated for a GA Music Award . He's completed 5 movies, 2 commercials, 4 plays, Webinars, 5 singles, and more. Tyreke's belief in himself assures that he's walking in his abilities of ENTERTAINING THE WORLD.


    Role: JT

    Legend Williams is excited about joining the cast of Miss Winn’s Garden. He got the acting bug watching his older sister. Legend will be int he 4th grade in the fall, and his favorite subject is Math. He enjoys football, basketball, doing flips, and magic tricks. Thank you Atlanta Filmmaker for the opportunity!


    Role: TERRANCE

    Jeff Sprauve has always had a deep passion for acting and entertaining and has been fortunate enough to perform in films such as Sunrise Electric, Gravy, and the television episodic, Your Worst Nightmare.

    Starting in theater, he has been acting since he was younger, but never gave thought in pursuing his craft professionally until later on in life. Little did he know that it was a sleeping giant.

    Jeff Sprauve now looks forward to bringing to life the role of Terrance in Miss Winn’s Garden. He is grateful for this opportunity as well as all that has come his way thus far. He believes that no dream is impossible and in his journey, continues to excel and remain in high expectation of Great Things ahead in his life.


    Role: JAYDEN

    Eric Rogers is a young aspiring actor from the Atlanta area. An avid soccer player with hopes of one day being a chemist. Always well mannered and respectful even at his young age is aware of the professionalism it takes to be on set. Already in his early career he has been afforded the amazing opportunity to work with some of the all-around greats like Mrs. Cecily Tyson,Viola Davis and Robert Redford.


    Role: MIGUEL

    Jay Maurice Wilder was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a Hip Hop Artist that wears many entertaining hats, Jay has decided to wear the Actor hat. With much experience as a background artist from TV Series, Independent Movies and Big Screen Movies, Jay is beginning to be recognized more and more for his creative talents and can be seen on screen big and small.


    Role: DANDRE

    Kenneth Bowen, an American Actor, who appeared as the Lead Actor on TV-1 Television series Fatal Attraction. He can also be seen in Tyler Perry's Meet the Brown's and For Better or Worse as Max as well as the popular web series The Single Life. He continues to cultivate his craft through on- camera class training and scene study with Dwayne Boyd at The Premier Acting Network as well as Nick Conti's The Professional Actor's Studio. He continues to put God first in all that he does and knows that nothing is possible with out the blessings from God.


    Role: SLICK

    An individual defined by the undefined Unveils, De’Adrian Harmon. You will find that the journey of my artistic collaborations and versatility will give you what you want and at the same time wanting more. I have worked on several multi-million dollar projects and have shared screens with Jamie Fox, Samuel L Jackson Chris Rock, Chris Evans,  Kerry Washington, Gabriel Union, Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Diez, and Scarlett Johansson, just to name a few. I have also personally worked with 2 time Oscar winner, Ang Lee with TriStar Productions. Moreover, I look forward to the continued collaborations with Warner Brothers, HBO, USA, FOX, TriStar, Open Road Films and beyond! I am from Oklahoma City by way of Atlanta, GA. Through the circumstances and realities that are, and situations that must be, you will find me in the midst of these state of affairs and events. To continue to rise to new heights through my gifts, natural talent, charisma, and competitive endeavors, stay tuned!


    Role: Morgue Assistant

    Rich has been acting for 3 years, the first two on stage and, most recently, in film. 
    Stage appearances include The Exonerated at The Alliance Black Box Theatre, On Golden Pond with Gypsy Theatre Company and Second Samuel with The Lionheart Theatre Company. 
    Other independent film credits include Free Pass, The Cardinal Rule, Tomorrow Never Fails, and Hard Medicine. 
    Rich is also constantly enrolled in acting classes, having taken classes at EVOLV, Get Scene. He is currently taking Meisner classes at Drama Inc. and is represented by East Coast Talent.


    Role: MR. HILL

    William Tokarsky is Western Pennslyvania boy, who came south and never looked back. He fell into character actor roles late in his life and has been consumed by it, known for Too Many Cooks (2014) and his first SAG contract role in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013). His expanded role on Adult Swim's: Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell has been his favorite TV show to work. He continues to learn and train in his craft. He loves playing Mr. Creepy and is looking forward to new roles. His whole acting career can be summed up with these two words "Ignorance is bliss."


    Role: MRS. HILL

    Elle Trapkin is a transplant from the New York performance art world.  She is a graduate of NYU, Tisch in Dance.  Her dance film “The First Fish To Walk On Land screened at MOMA in New York.  Her original performance art works,(“History Of Killing”, “Monkey Sex”, “Falling Off The Earth”) which incorporate dialogue, film, dance, music, have been performed in the USA, Canada, and Sweden. 
    She branched out into screen acting with her first film, in which she played the lead, “The Sex Therapist”, which screened at the Cannes Film Festival.  She was recently cast in Robert Kirkman’s  Cinemax pilot, OUTCAST.
    She currently studies Strasberg method with Kristen Shaw.  She has studied with Rob Mello, Michael Cole, Vince Pisani, and Crystal Carson. She is represented by Kathleen Schultz Talent Agency of Los Angeles.
    Ms Trapkin has a part time private practice as a psycho-intuitive therapist.  She teaches yoga and Pilates, and plays classical piano.  She is a former member of “Moral Hazard”, a feminist rock and roll band.


    Role: CASHIER


    Executive Producer / Director

    Shanalyna C. Palmer

    Executive Producer / Director / Editor
    Owner of Spirit of Life Films, an Atlanta based film company that aims to inspire and entertain. We make movies that examine segments of life that are often under-appreciated and sometimes misunderstood. Our latest slate of films takes a look at what family means and provokes the audience to re-evaluate the value of personal relationships. Welcome to Miss Winn's Garden!
    I came upon Lucy Fazely's short film Miss Winn's Garden in 2008 on inktip.com. I immediately knew that this was a project that I wanted to bring to life. Several times over the years, opportunities came up that could have put an end to Lucy's and my partnership. But I believed in Lucy and she believed in me. We've both come a long way in 7 years and are proud to have stuck together to bring you Miss Winn's Garden!
    Shanalyna Palmer currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, a southern mecca for film and entertainment. The daughter of spiritual counselor/advisor Lordiel, she seeks to make a career out of changing people’s perception of how the world could be… but isn’t. Shanalyna earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre studies from Swarthmore College, but it wasn’t until she broke her wrist roller skating that she literally fell in love with filmmaking. She began as an extra on tv shows like Dawson’s Creek and then worked as a production assistant on films and tv shows like Remember The Titans, The Wire and Blair Witch II. In 2004, she joined the Director’s Guild of America as an Assistant Director and has been employed on The Walking Dead, Drop Dead Diva, The Game and Single Ladies to name a few. Today shes taking the next step in her career and is pursuing directing gigs in both television and film. Miss Winn’s Garden is her 3rd short film/tv pilot. Her next project, A Legacy of Terror, is currently in the development stage.

    Lucy A. Fazely

    Producer & Writer
    Lucy A. Fazely first identified herself as a writer when she won a local writing contest in high school. After a stint as an Air Force medic, she began an unexpected thirty year career as a free-lance designer and writer in the quilt and fabric business. During this time, her hard cover coffee table book “Quilt Style” was published (PRC Publishers, London, 2002), as well as several romance novels. Not only did her quilts grace the covers and pages of quilting magazines and books, she also worked behind the scenes for periodicals and websites as a technical writer, technical editor and graphic illustrator. 

    After losing her brother in 2007, Lucy felt the need to return to her passion – writing
    fiction. A fan of film, her interest quickly turned to screenwriting. She received her
    Feature Film Screenwriting Certificate through UCLA Extension’s Writer’s Program in 2009. She has had two short films produced with several more projects in pre-production and many others in the works. To keep her skills sharp, she writes coverage on scripts for the Hollywood Outreach Project and film festivals.
  • CREW

    Many thanks to those who volunteered there time to the production!
    Many thanks to those worked a severely reduced rates!
    Exec Producer/Director/Editor - Shanalyna C. Palmer
    Producer/Writer - Lucy A. Fazely
    Spiritual Counselor - Lordiel
    Producer - Dishan J. Palmer
    Producer/Production Designer - Barbara-Lee A. Palmer
    Producer - Brenda Porter
    Producer - Jeremy Fazely
    Trailer Producer/Graphic Design/Editor - Forrest Tuff
    Costume Designer - DeAaron Lamar
    Music Supervisor - Dr. Clarice
    DP/Camera Operator - Alfeo Dixon
    DP/Camera Operator - Fernando Battle
    DP/Camera Operator - Mac Ruiz
    DP/Camera Operator - John Prew
    DP/Camera Operator - Jaimie Schirmer
    DP/Camera Operator - JB
    Camera Op - Steve
    Camera Assistant - Natalia Tureta
    Script Supervisor - Mandy Fason
    Colorist - Mac Ruiz
    Sound Mixer - Dana Solomon
    Sound - Jason Boyd
    Sound - Courtney Walls
    Grip - Fernando Battle Jr.
    Caterer & Craft Services - Mystic Flames Bakery
    Caterer - Chef Raesha Sanders 
    1st AD - Brian Tinch
    1st AD - Alex Q. Phillips
    Entertainment Attorney - Tim Reis
    Entertainment Attorney - Mitzi Hill
    VFX Artist - Rodolfo Muñoz
    Writer - Anthony McHie
    Script Consultant - Azure Blue Entertainment
    BTS Producer / Set PA - Elisha Smith
    BTS Producer / Set PA - Devonne McCloud
    Still Photographer - Orbert Rogers
    Production Assistant - William Jones
    Set PA - Caleb Fason
    *Please Note: Several of the crew performed multiple roles. Credit has been given to the larger roll they played during the production. 

    A very special shout out to our OAK supporters!
    They were the first to financially contribute to Miss' Winn's Garden.
    Barbara-Lee Palmer
    Christine Tureta
    Lordiel Palmer
    Theron Barney
    Paul Fitzgerald
    Momager Tosha
    Alex Newsome
    A very special shout out to our Applebee's - Short Stack for a Tall Cause sponsors!
    Your generosity allowed us to give 60 breakfast tickets to Bloom foster families.
    Grant Sherman
    Steph Acetta
    Mimi Fletcher
    William Bradford
    Jeffery Pringle
    Thank you to ALL of our ROCKETHUB crowdfunding supporters.
    Without you, Miss Winn's Garden would have turned out very different indeed.
    The Fazely Family
    Paul Fitzgerald
    Paul Pathikal
     H.H. Cooper
    Carol Rasheed
    Korey Michael Washington
    Belinda Morrow Stinson-Head
    Al Mitchell
    Jeff R.
    Jaye Walker
    Melodie Warner
    Nikki Rattray Baldwin
    Deniz Nesrin & Joseph Vance
    Devyne Johnson
    Sedrick Lakpa
    Julius Head
    Dianne Ashford
    Theron Barney
    Ann Wittenberg
    Alex Francesco Newsome
    Carl Clifford
    Tabitha Pretlow
    Marlo Fleury
    Lamese Williams
    Doug Fick
    Christine Tureta
    Virgie Baskerville
    Safaa Rawan
    Deborah Evans
    Shelby Stone
    Atiya Henry
    Kay Hall
    Jerald L. White
    Michael Burns
    Shanice W.
    Daniel Long
    Hermina Paczynski
    Alonzo A Moncur II
    Gina Brady
    Natasha Ward
    Hermina Paczynski
    Catherine Bieszk
    Lynn Browne
    Adena Brumer
    Lordiel Palmer
    Ofu Obekpa
    Rhyan Minter
    Hermina Paczynski
    Dishan Palmer
    Sedrick Lakpa
    Mikkel Palmer
    Drew Giles
    Oliver Palmer
    LaKeisha Fleming


    There were some who contributed to Miss Winn's Garden in ways that were not financial. From helping us find locations, to giving PR advice, to actively sharing Facebook postings to all and sundry. We thank you for your support, for being the extra hand we needed to make Miss Winn's Garden come alive!
    Fadonna Johnson
    Rick Cramblett
    Jonathan Kennedy
    Ann Lukens
    Kristin Melton
    Frederick Bussey
    Yvette BeeGee
    Mary Barningham Althaver
    Ofu Obekpa


    Miss Winn's Garden was made with the support of local and national resources.
    Be sure to visit our supporters. They were more help than you could imagine! 


    Mission: Changing the face of foster care
    Fayetteville, GA

    Bloom provides safe shelter and physical, educational and emotional support to children who have been victims of abuse, neglect or other tragic circumstances, in order to strengthen them for the next phase of life.

    Our programs are based upon the conviction that….

    Each child is an individual, with the right to the kind of care that meets his/her needs regardless of sex, race, creed, national origin or social circumstance.


    It is important to preserve and strengthen the child’s relationship with family members when possible. Each youth has a right to stability, security, continuity and a plan for permanence.

    Art of Landscaping

    Mission: We bring you the beauty of landscaping one customer at a time
    Fayetteville, GA

    Art of Landscaping is dedicated to providing not only superior plants and trees but also helping you to locate the harder to find items that make your garden special.  Managed by Robbi and Tim Martin, of Andy's Nursery, Art of Landscaping brings you over thirty years of experience.  

    Art of Landscaping  is well equipped to handle every facet of your landscaping needs from irrigation systems, lighting, sodding, plant installations,  complete maintenance services, to our retail garden center for those of you who like to do it yourselves! These elements combined with top quality plant material will create an exceptional outdoor living environment to be enjoyed by your family for generations.  

    Ask Lordiel Radio Program

    Mission: Chanting and channeling higher energies from a Higher Source. We are spiritual beings having human experiences. If you choose to be more connected to your soul/higher self, join Lordiel and allow the energies/frequencies to connect you and or enhance all that you are.
    Online Radio

    The healings and blessings that flow through Lordiel are unpretentious, unrehearsed and straight from the heart, soul and Spirit. The programs are about helping each other... and finding solutions to that which we seek.
    Ask Lordiel is hosted Lordiel and each segment has a guest co-host. The radio programs are for and by the people to share, teach and reach out to each other. We all inhabit this universe which we call home. If each of us were to just REACH out and TOUCH someone, then we all could make a difference.
    In addition to Ask Lordiel, Lordiel offers private consultations, mentorship, public speaking and group workshops. For details write Lordiel at: AskLordiel@gmail.com
    Lordiel's credentials include: Spiritual Artist, Certified Soul Healer,Life Coach, Certified Soul Communicator, Crystalline & Celestial Divine Healer, Registered Nurse, Ordained Minister, Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Master, Certified Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist, Lymphologist, Certified Karuna Ki Practioner, Reiki Master, Certified in Energy Balance, Certified Re-Connector, Certified Pulse Practitioner, Clairvoyant, Medium, Clairaudient, Channel the Spirit Worlds and so much more............... 

    One Vision Productions

    Mission: Our mission is to provide a one-stop shop that combines a client’s vision with the creative work of our production team. We will treat each client with high regard and care; while exemplifying integrity, character, and efficiency.
    Atlanta, GA

    One Vision Productions, LLC is a client-focused multimedia company that concentrates on the development of powerful and creative productions throughout the Southeast. Founded in 2004 by Forrest Tuff, One Vision Productions has successfully grown a diverse client-base ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. It has won numerous awards producing commercials, corporate videos, television shows and independent films. One Vision Productions has been featured in Business Leader Magazine as one of the Top 300 Small Businesses in the Southeast and the Atlanta Business Journal for receiving the Entertainment Industry Award. In 2015, One Vision Productions was recognized as one of Atlanta's Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.


    One Vision Productions also partners with various non-profit organizations and is an official Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award. The premier volunteer program encourages citizens to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition. 

    Address: 4233 Bankhead Hwy, Douglasville, GA 30134  Phone: (770) 947-0075

    Cross Creek Dimensional Graphics

    Mission: Sign and Advertising Manufacturing
    Douglasville, GA

    Fractured Atlas

    Mission: empowers artists, arts organizations, and other cultural sector stakeholders by eliminating practical barriers to artistic expression, so as to foster a more agile and resilient cultural ecosystem.
    New York, NY

    Fractured Atlas is a national organization that supports folks at every level of the cultural ecosystem. Mostly that includes individual artists — performing, visual, literary, design, media, and everything in between — and arts organizations — from one-person outfits to the biggest of the big.


    Taylor English

    Mission: The purpose built law firm.
    Atlanta, GA

    Our clients strive for perfection on the field, on the set and in the studio. We match their creativity with innovative legal approaches that allow them to realize the full commercial value of their talent and entertainment businesses in a global marketplace.


    Entertainment covers a lot of ground, from stadium sporting events to film and television to music to tablet video games. We’ve seen the legal side of all aspects of entertainment, and our team brings different legal disciplines together to support clients in every facet of their entertainment enterprises.


    As a full-service law firm, we focus on both the specific entertainment industry and general business needs of our clients. For the Georgia film and music industries, we provide service that is local and experience that is well suited for small or independent producers, directors and talent. Whether your company is above or below the line, focuses on entertainment, sports or media, we have the legal talent you need.



    Mission: Providing catering and Personal chef services for all budgets
    Atlanta, GA

    That's what she said catering and events was built on a dream. We strive to provide our clients with the best catering service and quality of food. Utilizing our knowledge of food service and hospitality will be displayed amongst our clients. The number one characteristic this company can provide is diversity. We believe in expressing our unique talent by being creative and passionate.


    Mission: Get Funded. Get Discovered. Make it happen.
    Online site

    You want your crowdfunding project to be successful. Period. You want your project to be where it belongs, and you want it to be noticed. You're busy and you need this to be worth your time. You want to do nothing less than to dazzle your supporters.


    We get it. We know what it feels like to take a risk for your passion, because we've been there.


    We see ourselves as your partner. So, we've designed everything – our site, systems and support – to help you achieve your goals today. And, we are working with governments, educators, and communities to make sure your opportunities for success will expand tomorrow.


    If you want to be part of an international, pioneering, open community that has helped thousands of artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and social leaders raise millions of dollars, you want to be part of RocketHub.


    Mission: WonderRoot is an Atlanta-based non-profit arts and service organization with a mission to unite artists and community to inspire positive social change.
    Atlanta, GA

    WonderRoot was founded in 2004 in response to Atlanta’s need for an organization that unites artists and community advocacy. We believe that artists have the potential to change the world. Musicians, photographers, writers, filmmakers, and artists of all other mediums have the ability to communicate globally, moving freely through the barriers of language and geographical restraints. In a society that receives much of its information through the media, the most effective way to implement positive change is through using media resources. We are artists giving back to the community that has done so much to inspire us.


    WonderRoot is an inclusive community of diverse individuals who are dedicated to inspiring sustainable change through the arts.  We advocate for resourceful action and ethical decisions in everything we do.

    Ink Tip

    Mission: The mission of InkTip.com is threefold:
    • Help the producer easily find a good script
    • Save time for the agent and manager in locating the right people for their clients' scripts, or new clients
    • Greatly increase exposure for the screenwriters
    La Crescenta, CA

    All of our services are free to qualified entertainment professionals and are designed with one goal in mind: to make finding good screenplays and writers fast and easy. It’s that simple.

    Matthew Talk Radio

    Mission: I began impersonating Tiger Woods in 2010 when I was noticed wearing my black Nike hat. I enjoy doing acts and receiving positive responses from fans. I love putting smiles on faces, and I think that is one of the real Tiger Wood's highlights.
    Online Radio

    Welcome To Celebrity Matthew Tiger Impersonator talk show!
    I interview actresses, writers, local businesses, actors, singers, comedians and other entertainers. My acts compose of multiples things: playing golf for entertainment, photo shoots, speaking in engagements,  featured movie roles, and a little of dancing.


    Mission:  To deliver the best dental experience to children
    Ixtapa, Mexico

    At Dentistry for Children, we are the pediatric specialists that parents trust and pediatricians recommend. Our patient base varies greatly, as we provide excellent treatment to infants, children, adolescents, teens and those with special needs. Our dedication to progress motivates us to grow to better accommodate our community at every opportunity. With locations all over the Atlanta area, we’ve got an office in your neighborhood!

    Every aspect of a visit to Dentistry for Children has been carefully planned and designed to ensure the very best for each of our patients. From the moment you walk in our doors, you will be greeted into a welcoming environment dedicated to comfort, information and above all, the highest level of dental care available. Your child deserves nothing but the best, and that’s what we provide at every opportunity. It is with experience, training, care and compassion that we welcome you Dentistry for Children.


    Mission: Delivers quality health care to children in a thoughtful and attentive manner
    College Park, GA

    Kid’s Avenue Pediatrics provides exceptional health care services for children throughout Atlanta, Ga., and the surrounding areas. It is our goal to deliver quality health care to children in a thoughtful and attentive manner. We offer a full range of services, treatments and health care management. Whether your child is in need of a routine check-up or is feeling under the weather, we strive to provide resourceful health care services for all of our patients.


    Mission: Providing free conversion of PDF documents to JPG images

    Our free PDF to JPG online converter is the simplest way to convert PDF to JPG. Nothing to download and to install, the whole process takes place online. We process your PDF documents and convert them to produce high quality JPG. Using an online service helps you convert your PDF to JPG quickly, without the burden of installing additional software on your PC or MAC.


    The service is not only free. We plant a tree for every 5,000 PDF converted to JPG.


    Shanalyna C. Palmer & Lucy A. Fazely present


    You're awesome. Let's talk.